Traditionally the flower season runs from July- October each year. There are however peak times when flowers are at their best, and rain and wind influence when and where your best sightings may be.

There is a Flower Hotline which might assist you in planning your trips. For the West coast it is 063 724 6203 and I spoke with a very enthusiastic lady this morning who says the flowers have started and areas around the R27 are boasting the best at the moment.  The perfect excuse to head up the West Coast this weekend!

If you’re keen to head further north (Up to Sprinkbok area) then the Namakwa Hotline will guide you to best flower areas.  The number is 072 760 6019.

There are also 2 shows to consider during the flower season, both are well organised, have excellent flower displays and plenty to offer in food and entertainment for all age groups.

The first in the calendar is the Hopefield Flower show, 30 August – 2 September 2018.  See and then second is the annual Darling flower show, see which takes place 14-16 September 2018.

With the wonderful rains we’ve had to date we’re hoping for wonderful viewing this season!  Come and join us on the West Coast!