NORTH HEAD Lighthouse, Saldanha Bay

5 Lighthouses appear within a 100 kilometeres of each other on the West Coast (between Yzerfontein and St Helena Bay), all serving an important role considering the treacherous rocks on the coastline and busy shipping routes.  They also make for spectacular viewing.  My favourite ones are the Twins.  The North and South Head lighthouses that mark the entrance to Saldanha Bay.

North Head (on northern side to bay entrance) was originally built in 1939 and upgraded in 1969, it is situated within the SAS Saldanha Nature Reserve which, unfortunately is now closed to the public.  This is a recent development (hopefully temporary) and the existing walking trail takes you along the coastline, through unique vegetation and right to the lighthouse.  See the picture below for its spiral black and white markings.

SOUTH HEAD Lighthouse, Saldanha Bay

From North head Lighthouse you can also see South Head Lighthouse in the distance and its markings are completely different.  Probably a good idea considering the importance of entering the Bay right between these two points. It is also not possible to visit this lighthouse because it falls within an area controlled by the National Defence Force, it dates to 1969.

Both these lighthouses can be seen from the artificial Breakwater (another must see in Saldanha Bay) which was created in 1976 to transform the Bay into the harbour of industry today.  This viewing can be done by car as you can drive along this breakwater.  (See blog on Breakwater)

The final three lighthouses in our area are:

Cape Columbine near Paternoster
Cape St. Martin in St. Helena Bay
Dassen Island lighthouse near Yzerfontein

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