Saldanha Bay Breakwater – wonderful views of land and sea – a must Walk!!

This aerial view gives you some sense of the size of Saldanha Bay (you’re looking right into it, approximately 4 kms of beach) and on the left the breakwater curving into the open sea protecting the Bay.

Right at the tip of the breakwater is Marcus island and the breakwater joins it to the mainland spanning a distance of about 1,8 km. This breakwater was completed in 1976.  You can drive right/walk to the end of the breakwater and experience marine traffic (large tankers coming in to the bay), carefully being manoeuvred onto the Ore Jetty  (right side of picture) by powerful tug boats.  The sheer size of these tankers are amazing.  I love this walk because it can be done on a calm or blustery day alike and not tide dependent as beach walking in Saldanha bay is.  You’re also right next to the sea where you can smell, hear and feel the power of the waves.  It falls within Transnet controlled area making it safe to walk but does mean moving through a barrier check point.

2 Lighthouses can be seen from the breakwater ….. more on this next time.

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