West Coast Cookbook

Every few weeks we prepare a large snoek on the open fire – one of my favourite West Coast dishes.  The kids love it because the fish bones are large and easy to spot, and I love it because there are always left-overs for another meal the next day and remains an affordable way to feed a big group of people, not to mention the fun and chat around the fire.  While I was looking for a Snoek Tart recipe to process my leftovers, I stumbled upon a list of unique expressions that are characteristic of the West Coast fishing communities as explained in the cookbook above. Most of these Afrikaans expressions go hand in hand with life and work at sea.  Their literal translation in brackets.

  1. Vyftandvurk (To eat with the hands, literally, five-tine fork)
  2. Die water groei of val (The tide is ebbing – growing and falling)
  3. My geld is gegorrel aan my pens (My money is tied around my stomach, usually on the way back from Walvis Bay after months away from home)
  4. Die vis gee oor (Literally – the fish give up. When the weather is changing, the fisherman always think that they will catch a lot of fish)
  5. Die vis le etterdik (A dense fish of school)
  6. Die vis rys op (Literally – the fish are rising – they are swimming close to the surface)
  7. Die water is doodsmoet (The water is very smooth and still)
  8. Dekvrag (The fish are not only in the hold, but also on the deck of the boat)
  9. Kopman (Skipper)
  10. Pushed to Moer (to be very tired, exhausted)

Best of all – the Smoked snoek tart recipe is an absolute winner!

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